• Gavin Stern

    Actually, it’s because in Japan the yellow ranger was a man. That’s why “she” doesn’t have a skirt, but the pink ranger does. The American show used clips from the Japanese show for the action scenes.

  • aleo

    Well actually you need to do more research. First of all, the races are black, yellow & white. Latino is not a race & they are not brown, those are the native Americans. The Latino ethnic group are variation from ghost white to olive because we come from spain/Germany/England etc. Just like Asians. They have a variation of colors, from light yellow to dark dark brown/gold. Asians do have yellow undertones. I can go to the mall right now and find 50 Asians that have yellow skin. Please do your research more.

  • Steven Villman

    We should not forget that most Asian nations that are west of China [for example: Turkey (the Asian part), Iran, Afghanistan, Russia (the Asian part), and even Saudi Arabia and India] are ALSO like sisters to Australia and Israel!!!

  • Jaynicia

    I would say it’s the color of wheat…

  • Azus

    From a Chinese perspective, the term ‘yellow’ was actually self-imposed when Westerners, primarily European, were carving out spheres of influence across the country. The Chinese had historically considered themselves as the lightest/whitest (which was much more associated with ‘superiority’ than ‘inferior’ darkness/blackness) amongst their neighbors until the Europeans came in full force. As a rationalization that the Chinese were still superior than others despite being dominated by the Europeans in many facets during this time, Chinese writers/nationalists/etc. placed their brethren on the yellow spectrum directly below the ‘whites’ (the Europeans who were taking over) and above those viewed as brown and black (Southeast Asians, Africans, etc.).

    This certainly appears ridiculous, but Chinese literature and other writings during this time used this framework to build national fervor, raise general morale, and help Chinese people come to terms with their subjugation to Western powers (while maintaining, to a certain extent, their ethnic pride and historical perspective as the dominant Asian power).

  • Paulus Magus

    Asians produce a type of melanin called phaeomelanin. Phaemelanin is yellow. Just as white people are not ivory, but peachy-to-bronze, so Asians are not crayola yellow. Nonetheless, you do have a yellow tint.

  • Paulus Magus

    Liberals like to look for reasons to be offended. It’s hot they find purpose in life.

  • NewWorldPress

    actually, asians do have slightly yellow skin, it has to do with genes and light hitting the underlayer of the skin, called subsurface scattering

    if you can’t see asians have yellow skin, it’s because you’re unable to pick it up, but a spectrometer and people with good color vision can see it

    white people have a very different type of skin as asians, white people almost look pink at times, because of all the races, their skin has the least amount of pigmentation, which allows light to hit their blood, which turns it red

    it has nothing to do with “power rangers”

  • Myra Esoteric

    Redheads produce pheomelanin, people of color who don’t have the ginger gene generally do not (except for the many POC who are redheads, like Malcolm X). Carotene doesn’t occur in human skin, it’s a plant pigment.

    I’ve seen blacks, whites and Hispanics with my skin color (I am Chinese). My father might be yellow but when I see his skin color, I see brown. Maybe I don’t have a “good color vision”, like you said. I guess my yellow skin is why my makeup is for pink undertones (NW color).

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