• Gavin Stern

    Actually, it’s because in Japan the yellow ranger was a man. That’s why “she” doesn’t have a skirt, but the pink ranger does. The American show used clips from the Japanese show for the action scenes.

  • aleo

    Well actually you need to do more research. First of all, the races are black, yellow & white. Latino is not a race & they are not brown, those are the native Americans. The Latino ethnic group are variation from ghost white to olive because we come from spain/Germany/England etc. Just like Asians. They have a variation of colors, from light yellow to dark dark brown/gold. Asians do have yellow undertones. I can go to the mall right now and find 50 Asians that have yellow skin. Please do your research more.

  • Steven Villman

    We should not forget that most Asian nations that are west of China [for example: Turkey (the Asian part), Iran, Afghanistan, Russia (the Asian part), and even Saudi Arabia and India] are ALSO like sisters to Australia and Israel!!!

  • Jaynicia

    I would say it’s the color of wheat…

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