• moye

    What, no dog eating joke? Koji, I’m so disappointed in you.

  • I have a Shih Tzu/Labrador mix. Ewok face paired with big dog bark = AWESOME!

    ”Good dags. D’ya like dags?”

  • @moye hehehe… I thought about it but then I thought I’d be mature… 🙂

  • maryt

    I want a shih tzu!!!

  • mwei

    where’s the Tibetan mastiff? upwards of $1million per pup!

  • I would love to rescue a shiba-mix doggie! They are so cute. :3 I would like one that is a little less aloof with strangers, thus the mix part.

    I’m a cat person tho :3 Where is the Asian cat breeds list? Japanese bobtails ftw~

  • I boycott this list for your conspicuous omission of “Pekingese” from that list.

    (Note: See the image at the top of my blog at jozjozjoz.com)

  • (I am the one clicking “angry”)

  • DinoRay

    I want Falcor from NeverEnding Story as a pet. What kind of dog do you think he is? He seems Asian, right?

  • Raise your hand if you watched Hachiko and cried. *raises hand*

  • moye

    @mikeleeorg I first saw that movie (the original) when I was really small in Little Tokyo and all I remember is sobbing in my seat. Ugh.

  • Koji! I beg you, pleeease shout out loud the No.3 dog’s name in your list to a Japanese near you and see their reaction. @ksakai1

  • KojiStevenSakai

    @moye I went to Little Tokyo with my mom too and I was balling at the theater… actually, my entire family even cried at the crappy Richard Gere version on a plane on the way to Hawaii!

  • moye

    @KojiStevenSakai Was it the theater in the shopping center?? I wonder if we cried together in the same screening at the same time.

  • moye

    @[email protected] HAHAHA I had the same thought!!! I had to do a double take while reading this.

  • Yup, Yohan mall! 🙂 That was me crying!

  • My family once had 12 Sharpeis. Guess who got to walk all of them.

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