• smakdaddy99999

    My honest observations is that while East Asians are dominating the Ivies, Stanford, Berkeley, and other elite universities, it’s the South Asians who are dominating the upper management of major corporations including those in Silicon Valley. South Asians are not nearly as well represented in top schools as East Asians so how the hell are South Asians making more progress in the workplace, especially as they are rapidly rising through the ranks of corporate America?

    Some speculate that South Asians are better adept at English than East Asians. Others speculate that white people are more comfortable having South Asians or Asian Indians in managerial positions than East Asians. So although East Asians might have better academic credentials, South Asians are ahead in terms of social skills and ability to work with others. East Asians are seen as too academically focused and obsessed with academic prestige while South Asians tend to be more practical.

    So there is probably some admitted racism involved and that white people see South Asians as less threatening and “foreigny” (for lack of a better word) than East Asians and that culturally, whites and South Asians apparently have more in common.

  • sternhead

    East Asians in key positions? No doubt real espionage concerns, amply supported by a long string of cases that keeps getting longer.

  • Rhuled Bi Reeson

    The timing of this article is funny, because a Chinese American, John Chen, has just been appointed as CEO of Blackberry in Canada.

    I concur with smakdaddy99999’s comment – South Asians are in top managerial positions because they DO have better social skills than East Asians.

    I don’t think it’s racism against East Asians that prevent them from rising to the top; there’s probably far more racism against South Asians in the United States (e.g., being mistaken for “Arabs”), but this doesn’t prevent them from getting CEO positions at companies like Pepsi (Indray Nooyi), Citibank (Vikram Pandit), McKinsey (Rajat Gupta), etc., etc..

  • Baakus

    There’s no history of war between the U.S. and South Asians. Moreover, White men don’t fetishize South Asian women, so there’s no great incentive for White men to especially hold down South Asians.

    But I would warn against “grass is greener” syndrome. I bet a lot of South Asians are envious of East Asians because of our relatively greater visibility in areas like entertainment and sports.

  • smakdaddy99999

    I would say that South Asians have made great strides in the entertainment industry. But I do think that in regards to representation and presence in prestigious elite universities, e.g. the Ivy League, Berkeley, Stanford, MIT, etc, East Asians are far ahead of South Asians. That is, the media often focuses on East Asians’ academic success and attendance in top name universities as a barometer for their success as the “model minority.” I would say that when people think of Asians as being academically successful and smart, 9 out of 10 are gonna think East Asians, and NOT South Asians. South Asians don’t get a lot of attention from the media in regards to their academic achievements.

    Even in the math and science academic competitions, you see a lot more East Asian faces than South Asians.

    So when you talk about purely academic achievements, e.g. who has the best test scores, best grades, and goes on to the best universities, most people will think East Asians and NOT South Asians.

    South Asians know this so they focus more on social skills and soft factors, e.g. ability to communicate, work w/ others, saviness, to help get them ahead in the real world. East Asians are more academically driven and focused on going to top universities while South Asians try to be more practical.

  • Fracist

    How about we stop looking for whites to give us positions? And get them ourselves? It’s hard..but hey we will find a way and this goes for all corporations major or not. Whites care about whites when will we learn that?

  • Eroon Han

    Who are you kidding dude? We all know you guys always wins the spelling bees. Also have big happy families that lives together. South Asians are very different, but so are the east. Btw South Asians are also known for being good at math, and able to follow “white” people’s commands.

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