• Chopsuey9444

    As a dude who appreciates good anime and manga, I guess I can see why people may have lost interest in this manga, though I will admit I have not read this series.

    One, is that the characters based off of how they were described in this article don’t seem very dynamic at all. The main hero is an elementary school student who is both a gifted athlete and a genius. Most readers like to identify with the hero, but this guy is completely unrealistic.

    Two, the plot seems weak. He loses a fight to a group of punks and coincidentally a female who happens to be a boxing prodigy and of the main character’s age saves the hero and beats up his aggressors, which is also unrealistic and too similar to the beginning of another boxing manga (and now an anime) that has been around since the 80s called “Hajime no Ippo”, where the protagonist of that manga is saved by a pro boxer from bullies. After the hero is saved by this girl, he decides to be a boxer like her and become stronger, smarter, and better despite already being all three.

    I really like the art, but the characters aren’t drawn to look like elementary schoolers to me. If you really like boxing anime, I suggest watching Hajime no Ippo where the hero develops from being a meek and low-esteemed high school student into Japan’s strongest walterweight champ. It has great action, likeable characters, lots of humor, drama, and excellent character development.

  • rbgoaw

    You might like “Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru” or “Hanza Sky”. Buyuden sounds a lot like Hanza Sky.

  • Tina Tsai

    Ooo, thanks for the suggestions!

  • Tina Tsai

    I’m totally watching the Hajime no Ippo anime: http://www.8asians.com/2013/10/12/anime-review-hajime-no-ippo/

    Right in the middle of Takamura fighting Eagle right now.

    I can’t quite get into reading the manga as much, mainly because I don’t like the art so much. I can only describe it as being “too hairy”.

    I like the Ippo story a lot too, but Ippo is really just a men’s boxing only. There’s a whole different dynamic in Buyuden that I find refreshing. Women don’t just sit on the sidelines cheering and crying and supporting. They’re in the ring or cornering or right there in the mitt work. So, as much as I like Ippo, I personally enjoy Buyuden’s story better, probably because I’m a female fan of combat sports and often feel very underrepresented.

    I think Buyuden didn’t have enough sales because it was too focused on women, so I’m sure there are other weaknesses to plot and character and even boxing technique believability (not like Ippo is sooooo realistic), but sadly I do think gender discrimination in combat sports story played a big role.

  • Tina Tsai

    btw, the character Take Isamu is gifted and talented, but the whole point is when he gets into boxing, he’s starting from square one and learns a lot of humility. He’s still a gifted athlete, but he realizes that’s not enough to come out on top in boxing. He’s a total weakling in combat situation, reflecting the weakness of him as a whole person.

    I like this aspect of the character development because I find that in boxing and other combat sports, there’s a true self that comes out in the midst of the fight. There’s no hiding from the reality of a punch.

  • Weird Al Yankovic

    Does anyone besides me like One Piece and Naruto or is that stuff too mainstream nowadays?

  • Chopsuey9444

    Just letting you know that ‘Hajime no Ippo: The Rising’ is the third season of the series and that the last two seasons: ‘Hajime no Ippo’ and ‘Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger’ are not on Crunchyroll.

    I can understand your sentiment towards the series as it is directly geared towards men with the art style and humor being overtly masculine and all. It is a common gripe that comes from the opposite sex, but as a dude, I really think it’s what really gives the anime hype which is rare for a series.

    I guess I’ll try Buyuden someday to see what the fuss is about.

  • Tina Tsai

    I’ve seen all three seasons of Ippo.

    I think they toned down the “hairy” in the anime. And when I mean “hairy”, I really only commenting on the actual art style. The story seems pretty much to same.

  • Tina Tsai

    I don’t like One Piece, but I am a huge fan of Naruto, just tired of how they’re beating the story to death these days.

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