I know you want it Asian Princess

Dating Advice from Asiance Interracial dating is a tough subject. Which is why I’m not writing about it right now. Instead, I’m writing about the delightful juxtapositions that I often find in everyday life.

Like in this article in Asiance Magazine, for instance: “Dating Advice Q&A by a seasoned NYC dater

The article is in a question & answer format. It’s written by Rhoda Roc, who “has dated in New York City for a long time. Here she gives her expert dating advice for all women dating all over the world!”

(Huh, so dating in NYC gives a person the expertise to offer global dating advice? Neat! I’ve lived & dated in NYC, maybe I should offer some advice too! Like: Guys, whacking the weasel can calm you down before a date. And girls, if he has some “hair gel” hanging on his ear, don’t, oh please for the love of God, don’t touch it.)

The first question is from a Korean American woman who is dating a Jewish American of which her parents don’t approve. It’s probably a typical scenario many Asian American women who are dating non-Asian American men face. Rhoda writes:

Interracial dating is a good thing but it is the forbidden love. Like most Asian families, they are very traditional and will not understand the modern times you live in… If you are madly in love, race does not matter and neither should what you parents say… Race should not prohibit love.

The next question is also from an Asian American woman, this time, with a slightly different predicament.

How can you tell whether a guy that you’re dating really likes you for you or he has an Asian fetish? I really thought he liked me for me, but since we’ve recently become intimate he says derogatory expressions like “I like Sucky” and “I know you want it Asian Princess” during sex. I can’t help but wonder what this guy is really all about?

Rhoda responds with:

He sounds very kinky and I would get the hell out. It seems he only has sexual intentions and fantasies to fulfill… and you ARE it. Some men prefer blondes and others prefer Asian features with black hair, olive skin and slanted eyes… He sounds like a FREAK.

I don’t know about you, but Hahahahahaha!! Oh man that cracked me up!

What a delightful juxtaposition. In one, the interracial relationship crossed ethnic and cultural boundaries. It was simply a guy and a girl in a relationship. The guy just happened to be a Montague and the girl, unfortunately, a Capulet. And you know how those two families are. (Well, maybe not exactly like that – last time I checked, the Koreans weren’t at war with the Jews, but you know what I mean.)

In the other, the interracial relationship was a case of yellow fever (also known as rice paddy fever).

And this, in a nutshell, is the crux of the oh-so-common debate of interracial dating between Asians and Non-Asians. Are they dating because they truly like each other for who they are, race be damned? Or because one of them is exotic and foreign?
Oh wait, I said I wasn’t writing about interracial dating. If you want to talk about interracial dating, head over to the article “The White Boy speaks on dating Asian Women” and check out the debate in the comments. Me, I’m going to go back and laugh at that second question. Hahaha! Freak! Hahahahaha!

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