LA Weekly: The Rise of Fil-Am Hip-Hop

Flickr photo by Atari, Gracinha & Marco

LA Weekly features the Filipino-American Hip-Hop movement, and provides an accompanying list of places where you can experience it first-hand. An excerpt:

Icy Ice breaks down the rise of Fil-Am hip-hop like this: As hip-hop migrated west in the ’80s, Filipinos in California already had a thriving funk- and R&B-based mobile-DJ scene going on. With infrastructure intact, the Fil-Am party scene moved out of the garage and into the clubs in L.A., San Francisco and Southern California, where the voice of disenfranchised ethnic America resonated with these first-generation Cali teens — who, though many in number, felt outside the American mainstream. The time was right for a full-scale teenage hip-hop revolt. Fil-Am DJ crews emerged all over Southern California.

Take that, model minority. I advise you to watch the videos of actual sessions; nothing better can be done on a Friday afternoon (especially if you are still at work*).

*8asians does not encourage worker bees to spend any work hours surfing the interwebs. Not at all.

(Photo credit: Atari, Gracinha & Marco)

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