[Norman Hsu] Clinton Donor Fails to Appear in Court Again

Norman Hsu, the Asian American Democratic donor who gave himself up last week after being a fugitive for 15 years, did not show up for his court date yesterday, as reported in The New York Times:

The mystery of Norman Hsu, the wealthy Clinton donor who turned out to be a fugitive from justice, took a bizarre twist yesterday when Mr. Hsu, whohttp://graphics8.nytimes.com/images/2007/09/06/us/06hsu.190.jpg skipped out after pleading no contest in a California fraud case 15 years ago, disappeared yet again. Mr. Hsu, who turned himself in to the authorities last week and posted $2 million in cash as his bail, was to have appeared in Superior Court in California at 9 a.m. yesterday to hand in his passport and ask that his bail be reduced. But with the judge, a deputy state attorney general, the news media and Mr. Hsu’s lawyer all waiting in a courtroom in Redwood City, Calif., Mr. Hsu was nowhere to be found. “We do not know where he is,” said James Brosnahan, Mr. Hsu’s lawyer. “We hope he will be in court today.

I can see this already being another media nightmare making Asian American donors look like corrupt foreigners trying to manipulate the U.S. political system. It only takes *one*  bad Asian American apple example to demonize and turn away Asian Americans to donate and get involved politically and further marginalize our voice. Norman Hsu – show up for court and turn yourself in (again!)

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