KTEH: The War: The Nisei Soldiers

I’ve been watching parts Ken Burns series, “The War” this past week. I just watched an excellent KTEH locally produced program, The War: The Nisei Soldiers: http://www.kqed.org/programs/tv/thewar/images/nisei-soldiers-family.jpg

Produced by KTEH, this program tells the story of Japanese American veterans in the South Bay and Central Coast who fought valiantly for their country despite the internment of their families by the U.S. Government. This 30 minute documentary will illuminate their bravery and struggles and ask the question, who can be called an American?

A Nisei is a person of Japanese ancestry and the first generation to be born in the United States. As you know, over 100,000 Japanese-Americans on the west coast were rounded up in 1942 shortly after Pearl Harbor to be imprisoned in internment camps during World War II. In my opinion, Executive Order 9066 has to be one of the worst, if not worst, violation of civil liberties in the United States ever. Many Nisei’s volunteered for military service in the segregated 442nd Regimental Combat Team, one of the most decorated in history. The Nisei Soldiers tells their stories. You can watch this program online via streaming (Real Player needed).

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