George Takei is not creepy and can call me “sweetie” anytime.

George Takei rules.

And he returns for another week on Howard Stern Show on Sirius Satellite Radio Beginning Dec. 3!

That is all.

From the New York Post on 12/2/07:

Why Sulu Got Beamed Off

THE producers of “The Simpsons” stopped using “Star Trek” stalwart George Takei (Sulu) to do voiceovers because he “creeped out the staff” and kept calling one of the interns “sweetie.”

So said Hank Azaria, the voice of Moe the bartender, Apu the Kwik-E-Mart owner, Police Chief Wiggum, Professor Frink, Dr. Nick Riviera and Comic Book Guy. Azaria was a guest on “LateNet with Ray Ellin,” the new Internet talk show via PalTalk. While most late-night talk shows are stuck in repeats due to the writers strike, Ellin continues to get his share of laughs. Azaria shared his theory on what happens to “many, many” supporting Simpsons characters, including Old Sea Captain and Lenny and Carl: “They start out delightfully wacky and then they get really stupid – and then they turn gay.”

The audience also roared when host Ellin noted in his opening monologue that Matt Damon was voted the sexiest man alive by People magazine. He cracked, “Winner of the unsexiest man alive? Rosie O’Donnell.”

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