YouTube Fridays: 天上智喜 aka CSJH The Grace

File this under NOSE BLEED.

Definition (in case you, like Ernie, didn’t get this reference.)
Nose Bleed – characterization in anime of (generally males) getting hot and bothered … and then some.

In a continuing effort to sex up this site, I feel it’s my duty to share with you some noteworthy singers that may or may not have reached your radar. (See: Chae Yeon) Granted, I felt really compelled after listening to Justin Timberlake’s Justified album while running errands with my friend the other day when I remarked, “You know, Asian pop gets a bad rep because while a good portion of it is bad, it’s just as bad as this song.” She replies, “Yeah, I know, it’s sooo cheesy. I love it.” My friend is Greek-Canadian by the way. But, I’ve digressed.

天上智喜 (Tian Shang Zhi Xi – TSZX) aka Tenjochiki aka 천상지희 The Grace (Cheon Sang Ji Hee The Grace) is a four member a cappella group who’ve had varying degrees of success with solo and duo projects before being thrown together in 2005. Together their vocals would be hard to match even by North American standards. Think the live vocals of En Vogue and Destiny’s Child matched with the high energy complex choreography of the Pussycat Dolls.

Their gushing nose bleed of a music video for their Japanese single Piranha after the jump. They’re all over the age of 20 … if that eases your conscience a bit.

It was very evident when they debuted as CSJH, they didn’t quite gel. And even despite their amazing rendition of Passion (My Everything) in 2006, a ballad originally written by Norwegian Idol finalist Maria Haukaas, I was still left unconvinced … I think it was because they had just released a series of dance singles with no full length album in sight.

2007 changed all that with a style upgrade and release of 2 full length albums, one in Korean and another in Japanese, both with different track listings. Variety show appearances with all 4 interacting, you could tell that they had become very close without losing the competitive edge amongst each other.

I like all of them, but I gotta say, Lina (Who wears short shorts!?) was the one who caught and kept my attention from their One More Time, OK? video. Must be the dimples. (BTW – Their Japanese music videos are way better than their Korean ones.)

I now wait for their Chinese album release … if there is going to be one.

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