Sexy Joker: Chae Yeon

(I fell out of my chair laughing when I saw this the first time.)

After Akrypti’s enamored post on Ms. Nguyen (whom in my opinion reminds me of a slick, neatly trimmed version of Peaches. *I love Peaches!), I joked how my next post would be on Chae Yeon. Actually, I’ve mentioned my obsession with Chae Yeon in 8Asians and on Pop88 on more than one occasion already and so I figured, why don’t I just go ahead dedicate a post to her. (ok, so it’s her birthday today and I’m THAT kind of fan. Happy 29th Birthday, Chae Yeon! )

Chae Yeon is an above average singer and dancer who debuted in 2000 in Japan but currently resides in Korea where she was born and raised. In her 4 years of activity in Korea, she’s released 4 full length albums and 1 Best of Collection and is referred to as “Sexy Diva Chae Yeon” by the Korean media. I often describe her as a cross between Kylie Minogue and a Pussycat Doll, but don’t be blinded by her tendency to expose much of herself on-stage as in actuality, she’s a tomboy at heart.
From Diva to Tomboy
*Going up & reaching for the stars. Tis the same person; I kid you not!

And thanks to her numerous variety show appearances, not only is she smart, witty and articulate, but very playful and a big joker. (YouTube search: Xman, Love Letter, High Five) She recently launched ‘Cy Closet’ her own lingerie company which, despite her busy schedule, managed to find time to take part in designing the items in the line. (Think Victoria’s Secret with a dash of Fredrick’s of Hollywood.)

I seriously fought against giving her my respect and admiration, because there is this unwritten law that a woman that beautiful must be hated on. But after watching clip, after clip, after YouTube clip, she completely won me over. Her personality alone makes up for every fashion faux pas and professional mistake she’s ever made and ever will make. (At least she tries to be somewhat original.) She comes across as a person whom you can’t tell what to do, because she’ll either do it better or tell you different all the while not taking herself so seriously. I like how she plays around with her on-stage on-camera image flipping from the sexy arrogant diva to bubbly and cute in the blink of an eye. Not many can pull it off with such elegance and class and still come across as genuine.

The above clip is just a fraction of charming moments you can find of her online. Though the must see clip is when she was handcuffed to a guy for 24 hours. *click if you have about 15-45 mins to waste. It’s a gush-fest.

  • Good points: Above Average live singer and dancer, Down-to-Earth, very frank and honest to a fault, funny, intelligent and witty, is most entertaining when she is being teased or made fun of and personally keeps her blog updated with photos (posted by her) and videos (posted by others).
    *She’s a self-confessed Internet addict … and really, who doesn’t love a computer nerd?
  • Slightly questionable points: Easily overwhelmed and sentimental to the point where you don’t know if the waterworks will turn off at any given trip down memory lane (she tries her best to keep it to a minimum while people keep on telling her not to cry. – She is after all, very human.) On stage fashion sense is hit and miss; same with her lingerie line.

And just another random piece of trivia … she tends to date younger guys.

Her performance for MNet’s 100th episode Birthday, her most recent single ‘Clumsy Love’ remix version and her breakout hit ‘Two of Us’ YouTubed below. Love the Posh Spice ‘do!

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