Intoxicated by the Beautiful, Powerful Ms. Tila Tequila

tilat.jpgToday would be the first time I ever came across Ms. Tila Tequila or, more specifically, her music video “I Love You,” embedded herein for your convenient viewing, but be advised it may not be office friendly. Since “Tila Tequila” sounds a bit too porn-starry for me to repeat throughout this post, I will refer to her as Ms. Nguyen.

She’s one firecracker of a young woman with sex appeal bursting from her… um, ::clears throat:: just watch the video. Expressing verbatim the prurient thoughts running in my head right now would render this blog X-rated, or worse. I just love her! Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Muhammad Ali? No! Tila!! That phrase instantly sums up my image of Ms. Nguyen: a lethal self-possessed bombshell who has enough humor to laugh at herself and the audacity to turn a MySpace profile and a few YouTube vlogs into a potent, immensely marketable force majeure.

Other Asian female import-car-model-types have burst onto the Internet scene with much less va-va-voom. Kaila Yu, for example, while drop dead gorgeous, neither commands the screen with as much sparkle as Ms. Nguyen nor seems quite as articulate when she speaks. Not that I think Ms. Nguyen is an Einstein…but she’s certainly smart-ass enough. (And I also prefer Ms. Nguyen’s music over Ms. Yu’s, but that’s me.)

Above all, Ms. Nguyen has heart. When her MySpace friends list reached 1 million, she made a joking request from her viewers to each send her $1 and she’d become a millionaire. 30 people actually honored that request and Ms. Nguyen donated all $30 to a homeless man she saw on the streets. Aw! She gives money to homeless people! Aw! Near saintly, if you ask me.

Dear Ms Nguyen: I expect nothing less than for you to become the next global pop culture phenomenon. Keep on working [it]. Even as a feminist who supports banning pornography, I’m still so very proud of your accomplishments and wish you the best. Yours truly, Akrypti.

Tila’s Hot Spot (official site):

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