Stifling Alternative Journalism in China

As we know, ISPs in the U.S. are generally not held accountable for individual bloggers’ content. In China, they are.

An article posted today reports the strong movement by the Communist regime “encouraging” bloggers to use their real names and register their identities. Considering the government initially proposed a complete ban on anonymous blogging, this represents… quite an extraordinary show of benevolence from the Chinese.

Even though Chinese bloggers may still post anonymously, their internet service providers are responsible for the contents of the blogs and will be punished for any materials “deemed pornographic or a threat to Communist rule.” Since no ISP wants to get in trouble with the Communists and the regulation/censorship is private with no form of due process, these ISPs will delete anything and everything that holds any chance of inciting the government’s wrath. These ISPs erring on the safe side means free speech and dissent is stifled to death. Quite literally.

China can take any measures it wants to boost its economy or fortify its military, but if its government continues to turn a blind eye on civil liberties, China will never surpass America or any other developed nation as a world power. China better wise up soon because we here at 8A are getting a little sick of talking about all the atrocities going on over there.

On that note, I’ve been told is banned in China. If you ask me, that means we’re doing something right.

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