Daniel Henney is Agent Zero

For the K-drama lover and Sci-Fi fanatic in you, coming next year you’ll be able to see the American born, South Korean model turned actor Daniel Henney in X-Men Origins: Wolverine playing Agent Zero.
Daniel Henney as Agent Zero

Now this isn’t just a gratuitous post about ‘yet another Asian in a mainstream film to look out for’ … well, not just that … but his public reason as to why he chose the role.

“Although I received many offers from Hollywood in the past, they were usually for stereotypical, hackneyed Oriental roles that Western audiences are used to. However, the advantage of being a native English speaker and having a westernized physique can be utilized to play a different, more original role not given to other Asian actors; therefore, breaking the barrier of the stereotypical oriental character. The character in “X-men Origins” fulfilled my expectations, which helped me decide to play a role in this film.”

Course, this is actually translated from a Korean newswire while the rest of the English-speaking world is reporting that the Lost Hobbit has also joined the cast to play Beak.

Really, who would you rather watch?

The answer, of course is Hugh Jackman. Daniel Henney just makes it THAT much worth my $12 Cdn.

Image Credit (ComicBookMovie.com)

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