POP 88 #17 – The COMEBACK Show

What seems like an eternity, I’m back with a new show with new music from artists who’ve recently ‘Comeback’ to the spotlight this year. Music from Andy from Shinhwa, Jewelry, Namie Amuro and Toshinobu Kubota.

Also I review the recently published (and previously blogged about) “Fortune Cookie Chronicles: Adventures in the World of Chinese Food” by Jennifer 8 Lee, ask my Magic Fortune Cookie if I’m going to have any chocolate anytime soon and give a sneak preview of some of the films premiering at the Hot Docs International Film Festival (April 17 – 27).

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POP 88 #17 – The COMEBACK Show


1. Rock’n’Roll Star – Lina (CSJH The Grace)
2. Elegy – Hirai Ken
3. I Will – Zhang Li Yin
4. Flying Easy Loving Crazy – Toshinobu Kubota feat. MISIA
5. Timing – Andy feat. Chae Yeon
6. One More Time – Jewelry
7. I’m Sorry – Gummy feat. T.O.P
8. What A Feeling – Namie Amuro

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The main Canuck here I (sometimes) give a different perspective. I used to be 'read only' but you can actually hear me via POP 88 on 8Asians podcasting sister site Popcast88.com. Always trying to find that right balance between fluff and substance, I tend to focus my interests in discovering different perspectives. Look forward to hearing (and perhaps seeing) things you wouldn't anywhere else. Current vice and embarrassingly obsessed with: Kpop group AFTER SCHOOL
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