All hail Ken Lee!

Apologies to all the Ken Lees out there… but this was too good not to share.

According to VidJar:

A contestant in the second season of the Bulgarian show “Music Idol” performs Mariah Carey’s song “Without you” in fake English. The contestant’s name is Valentina Hasan, 29 years old. She’s from the village of Zvezdelina, in the Kardzhali Province. Valentina’s married and “Hasan” is her husband’s surname. She currently lives in Spain. This video is not intended for any ethnic tensions or historical debates. It’s just a laugh, so I implore everyone to ignore any irrelevant comments and not to engage in pointless discussions. Go to the international Ken Lee community’s site….

Um, HELLO! Did you know there is a Ken Lee World?!

Valentina later returned to Bulgarian Idol to sing her world-famous song “Ken Lee”… and her English was much improved in that performance.

UPDATE: Thanks to Tony Pierce, this post got linky love from the LA Times blog!

Check it out… in addition to the original video, they’ve got one showing Mariah Carey herself on French Idol being forced to watch Valentina’s performance of Ken Lee…

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