The 8Asians Writers Talk About: “Yellow on the Outside, Shame on the Inside”

chiaother09yellow_on_the_outside“With just my three simple Asian Pride Theorems, I can reveal the truth about Asian culture — whether it’s Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, etc. — and all the reasons why Asians do the things that they do. First, Asians are obsessed with money and will do anything to get it. Second, money is conducive to the status that Asians seek, hence “doctor or lawyer.” Third and uppermost, Asians want power: the power.”

And THAT would be the abstract of Anson Chi’s online self-described novel, Yellow on the Outside, Shame on the Inside. A quick look at his resume (Paid Slavery! Miseducation!) and the stock photo of the angry shirtless guy yelling in a wheat field obviously shows that he’s got some stuff to get off his chest. Is “money, status and power” really our personal motto?

But more importantly, what would the other writers think about Anson Chi’s manifesto? Find out, after the jump.

Christine: my only question: How is a former model that studied music qualified to make these assumptions especially if his paid slavery was in technology? The guy has some serious mom and dad issues to deal with.

Bo: Ummm…I want money, status, and power. Well then, I must be Asian! He’s a genius!

Moye: My trashy, gambling and alcoholic extended family can completely disprove his theorems.

Bo: So this was my armchair 5 minute psych analysis of the guy upon reading his site and the book abstract:

Dude grew up in a TX community where he was probably one of a small handful of Asian-Americans. He felt isolated and alone. Started developing a slightly nihilistic, misanthropic worldview. Went to college and majored in something that seemed appropriate but totally wasn’t his interest or passion. Found himself in one dead end, passionless job after another and his misanthropic personality didn’t win him any fans in the workplace. (Did anyone else notice that he had 6 jobs in 6 years?) He probably felt unappreciated and misunderstood. The world hates him! Experiences a quarter life crisis. Discovers Ron Paul and suddenly all his theories about isolationism and triumph-of-the-will are validated. Decides to write a book excoriating the one thing that he believes to be the bane of his existence – his asianness.

Jun: but he is right about one thing… At least for Koreans, the majority of the Korean families & many Chinese families I know only came here to make money…

Tim: My dad came to the U.S. to get a Ph.D. in comparative literature. He always planned on going back to Taiwan, but never finished the doctorate … and instead spent his time trying to figure out how to keep his head above water feeding a wife and 3 kids. It was definitely not about the money (unless you think comparative literature Ph.D’s are raking it in). That being said, I can sympathize a little bit with the guy as I also grew up in a completely white suburb. But I got over it.

Jun: … my parents came to America because they wanted to get the fuck out of a country that basis success/net worth/status on degrees, diploma’s and other pieces of paper, which rendered their future dim because they didnt graduate from high school. Which is the reason why they actually supported me in my middle/high school football career and my decision to pursue a career in a design field and not a tech/buisness/law/medicine career. Theres plenty wrong with Asian society, and the topics this guy brings up are CLEARLY some that do exist… even if he is approaching it in a complete off base direction…

John: I don’t think it is politically incorrect to say that some cultures are prone to certain things than other cultures. Japanese and Asian cultures do tend to be more oriented towards group goals, etc…. while it is clear that American culture supports and celebrates individualism, consequences be damned.

Christine: I think my whole thing with this guy is the self-hatred that I can’t decide whether he’s serious or being ironic. I agree with John in that it is a sweeping generalization that eventually is a stereotype enforced – and THAT is something I have trouble accepting in anyone. And the biggest issue I have with the “Asians coming ‘here’ just to make money” deal is that OF COURSE they came here to make money – we’re all here in North America making money so we can feed, clothe and shelter ourselves in a state of comfort to which we find acceptable – some people really NEED an HD Plasma screen mounted on their wall and a drafty mansion – I’m happy just visiting them.

Jun: Just cause a guy is crazy doesn’t mean you cant learn anything… Rush Limbaugh is crazy, but that doesn’t mean I never learned anything or haven’t been informed the several times I listened to his radio show… and to be clear, I was never siding with this dude, just saying the foundations of some of his claims are more than true.

(Hat tip: Mike)

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