BoA Performing at Kollaboration 9; Win Tickets!

So what’s been up with BoA, anyway? Our favorite Korean Pop Star that speaks fluent Japanese is now living in Los Angeles, watching Gossip Girl and doing some local interviews in an attempt to cross-over into the American music industry and, well, to become American as quickly as goddamn possible. Does she have a noticeable accent? Sure. But so does Shakira and Tokio Hotel, and somehow the ground hasn’t opened up and swallowed them whole, so hopefully the media — and god help us, the American public — can look beyond that. Maybe.

But besides a performance the side stage at KIIS-FM’s Jingle Ball, we haven’t heard much from her. This might change however, as it’s just been announced that BoA will perform at the previously blogged about Kollaboration 9 event in Los Angeles. (Have we mentioned that we have FREE passes to give away until Valentines day? No? Well, there you go.)

Don’t get me wrong, folks, I’m a big fan BoA. But all fans of Asian pop music have their reasons why Asian music hasn’t crossed over successfully, and people e-mail me from time to time with their armchair-A&R-guy suggestions. Take this e-mail from Autumn Reign, a music producer from Vancouver, for example:

I gotta agree with you that if I were apart of BoA’s promo team.. I def would not remix her with an AutoTune flo rida track! I really didn’t get that whole trance techno remix either..

I think personally, in order for her to reach a level of success in America, she really has to hit the mixtape scene… Get her music in the hands of real music lovers first.. Then hit mainstream America.

Or you can promote her through the gay market; there’s nothing gays love more than an ass-kicking, hip-hop dancing Asian girl. (Unbelievably, I type that sentence without a trace of sarcasm. DEAR SM ENTERTAINMENT: DON’T LET THE GAYS SCARE YOU. GAYS ARE YOUR INDUSTRY GOLDMINE. Also, anime attendees. <3, Ernie.)

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