John Cho Flashes Forward

Demetri NohFlashForward itself is loosely based on Sawyer’s 1999 novel of the same title, where the entire world loses two minutes and seventeen seconds and gives a glimpse of the future six months from the current time frame. In just catching the season premiere of ABC’s FlashForward and have to say that it definitely is one of the more intriguing shows on air right now when compared to your primetime soap opera type of things (sorry Grey’s Anatomy *gack*).

So far, one of the reasons that I actually wanted to see this was because of Cho. Knowing that he’s sparked his career as of late coming from Harold and Kumar and as of late did a wonderful job in the new remake of Star Trek, I have to say that his acting has surpassed many of the yawners that I usually get to watch.

One small pet peeve though? Both Benford and Noh are field FBI agents which is actually shown not only in the pilot but also the plot summary. However, if you watch their actions, it’s almost like watching Reno 911 when it comes to law enforcement action. Maybe this show has had law enforcement advisors, maybe not, but it looked a little out of place with how the actors reacted. Also, the explosions were just a little bit on the fake side which being a big fan of CG, I picked up on it right away. These were not very huge distractions but it did bug me for the.. first ten minutes. Outside of that, I was drawn into the science fiction thriller storyline and am already impatiently waiting for the next episode next Thursday.

What day is it, today? Dang it.

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