Happy Friday: Battlestar Galactica Babe Grace Park on the Cover of Maxim


“I don’t know what planet you come from, but to me, you’re a perfect ten!” That would be my pathetic pick-up line if I were to stumble across Battlestar Galactica bombshell Grace Park. Gentlemen — and ladies — drop what you are doing, and run (don’t walk!) to your local news stand and pick up the November issue of Maxim! (Have you left yet?)

Glorious, glorious ‘neathage graces this months cover of Maxim, as Battlestar hotties Tricia Helfer and Grace Park show off their bodies of work.

Although both women are exceptionally hot, its great to see Grace Park — of Korean descent, born in Los Angeles and raised in Canada — scorching the cover and giving a hilarious interview revealing secrets of the new Battlestar Galactica telefilm coming to DVD and TV, and her personal life, alongside co-actress Helfer. In the interview Park went on to say… wait, forget the interview for now… you need to see these pics!

So what if Park and Helfer are playing super sexy dangerous Cylon robots, out to destroy the human race? With hotties like these, I’m beginning to question if sovereign human life is even worth it anymore. I’ll take you to my leader, any day! (Okay, so my pick-up lines need some work. I get it.)

FRIDAY BONUS! Check out this smoking video from the November cover shoot!

Maxim November Covershoot, Youtube

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