The Facebook Movie in One Minute & Next Media Animation

Taiwan’s Next Media Animation has done it again with their short video giving a hilarious and distorted summary of the recently release movie, The Social Network, about the founding of Facebook based on Ben Mezrich’s book The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook, a Tale of Sex, Money, Genius and Betrayal. The movie has gotten incredible buzz and I’ve seen the actors, director and writer of the film on all major late night media outlets, from The Charlie Rose Show to The Colbert Report.

The distorted animated story is hilarious as well, and the interpretation (both linguistically and thematically)  is over the top. In the bathroom sex scene, the sub-titles describes Zuckerberg’s and friend’s motivations””Their notoriety increased with Facebook’s popularity, thus allowing Mark and Eduardo to fulfill their yellow fever dreams.””

Zuckerberg has been dating his long-time girlfriend, Chinese American Priscilla Chan since Harvard. Whether the billionaire has yellow fever or not, who knows but according to some reports, Zuckerberg created Facebook to get non-Jewish girls. This lends to a line in the beginning of The Social Network: “There’s an algorithm for the connection between Jewish guys and Asian girls…They’re hot, smart, not Jewish and can dance.”

Next Media Animation has gotten into the Facebook game itself, with a promo of their Facebook fan page at the end of the video. Wired recently did an excellent profile of Next Media Animation back in August:

Within nine months of ramping up its CG assembly line, NMA created more than 4,000 videos. Employees have completely internalized their boss’s love of sensationalism. “I’ve told them that they go too far sometimes,” Lai says, referring to clips depicting rape and child abuse …The buzz generated by the Tiger Woods animation validated the dream of Next Media honchos that they could go global. Simon envisions a future where big news organizations consider a story complete only when it’s paired with one of his company’s clips.

Personally, I find these animations of news events pretty hilarious, but I’m not sure that every story needs to be animated. I see these videos more for entertainment rather than for a news source. In any case, I am very eager to see The Social Network; the reviews have been off the charts!

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