Peace Boat: Japanese Americans Travel the World With Other Nikkeis

I went to a high school in Southern California where the majority of the students were Taiwanese. Every summer they went on a trip called the “Love Boat.” I heard so many stories about my friends hooking up on the boat, I REALLY wanted to go. I thought that even someone like myself (nerdy and painfully awkward) could find someone that wanted to hook up with me.

Sadly, I never went, probably because I’m not Taiwanese. However, the idea of going on the Love Boat is still something I wish I could have done. That’s why when I found out about the Peace Boat, I was super excited.

Before I explain exactly what Peace Boat is, I should note that it has nothing to do with hooking up with people.

The Peace Boat is a Japan-based international non-governmental organization that works to promote peace, human rights, equal and sustainable development and respect for the environment, on a chartered passenger ship that travels the world on global voyages.

By visiting the average of 18 countries, there are a lot of exchange programs and study tours, as well as some sight-seeing in each port, enabling participants to experience another culture first hand and learn about the issues affecting different regions of the world directly from the people who live there.

Onboard, there are as many as 70-80 events per day. From taking part in some peace education forums, playing an active role in the issues that Peace Boat supports including human rights, sustainable development and respect for the environment, participating in lectures and workshops provided by our guest educators to sharing some fun and exciting cultural events, participants are encouraged interact cross-nationality and generation. Japanese, Spanish and English language program is available also.

For more information, visit the Peace Boat website. You can also check out a video of the voyage.

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