National Table Tennis Trials in San Jose

The trials for the mens and womens national table tennis teams begin this weekend in San Jose, California. San Jose, is pretty much considered the U.S. center for table tennis, so it’s no surprise the trials are taking place here this weekend at The Top Spin at 1150 Campbell Ave, San Jose. At the most recent world championships, the U.S. men finished 46th and the women 16th, but the promising American women came in fifth at the Beijing Olympics. With these results it’s no surprise the eyes are on the women players including one of the top contenders, 15 year old Chinese American Bay Area native, Ariel Hsing, and 13 year old Indian American, Prachi Jha. My own sister was a great player in her day and competed admirably in tournaments in New York City’s Chinatown, while I served as her ball fetcher. It’s certainly a different game today, and one that’s got much more attention here in America.

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