What Asian American (and Asian) Kids Watch on the Internet: Wong Fu’s “Strangers, Again”

I noticed The Daughter getting worked up and emotional while watching a YouTube video, and when I went over to look at what she was watching, she said, “You have to watch this.”  I took a look at the video, and it was a Wong Fu short called “Strangers, Again” about the stages of a relationship.   The day after The Daughter recommended it to me, her second cousin from Davao Philippines shared the same video on FaceBook, with a long chain of comments accompanying her sharing.    This video has seemed to really strike a nerve, garnering 3 million views in three days, with lots of blog buzz about the video.  The video’s comments are full of emotion and stories about similar relationships.

I think it is fantastic that Wong Fu is reaching such a wide audience.  It’s impressive that they are getting a following in parts of Asia too.  It’s also great that they aren’t just dealing with things Asian American but with a universal theme that can resonate with not just Asians or Asian Americans, but with everyone.

What did I think of “Strangers, Again”?  I started watching it, but after a while, I skipped to the end to see what happened.  It’s not that it was bad or the emotions or situations did not ring true – indeed, the first scene felt uncomfortably true to life.  Maybe it’s because I have been married so long.  Maybe it’s because it seemed so unpleasantly real.

Another highlight of “Strangers, Again” is the music, with songs by David Choi and Kina Grannis.  If you want to find out more about “Strangers, Again” including the director’s comments, here is Wong Fu’s blog entry on it.

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