Commenter Spotlight: N’jaila Rhee

Commenter Spotlight is a weekly interview with the people who comment on – whether what they have to say is insightful, touching, humorous or controversial, they’ve earned the respect of other readers.

8Asians readers, meet commenter N’jaila Rhee, otherwise known as BlasianBytch. Blasian because she’s a Black Asian American, Bytch because, well, let’s read on, shall we?

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from? What do you do for a living?

Hello, I’m BlasianBytch or N’jaila , Ms. Rhee if your nasty. I’m from NJ (not the shore) and I wear many hats. I’m a sex blogger and BBW Adult entertainer, but I’m also a freelance journalist and work in Media and Public Relations. I’ve also done seminars at Adult Conventions about Social Media and Blogging.

I run, a blog that talks about issues of race, gender and sexuality, with people inside and out of the adult industry. Most people might think that it’s crazy to be vocal about the racism and misogyny that goes on in the sex industry, but to many men and women, that’s their job. Also who else is going to complain about the depressing lack of Asian American cock in straight porn? Bring on the cocks, I say.

I also contribute to other industry blogs like and

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How did you find out 8Asians?

Someone on twitter linked to an article in my timeline about 2 years ago and I’ve been hooked and commenting ever since! I believe it was a review of the movie A Good Day to be Black and Sexy.

What kinds of posts on 8Asians do you comment on the most?

Obviously the ones pertaining to sex , porn or relationships, that’s kinda my thing. Oh and Black people.

What has been the post on 8Asians you’ve reacted the most strongly? Are you the type of person to click BORED on a post?

I think its a tie between the “No Looting in Japan” article and dating posts. I’m not the type of person to click BORED, if an article bores me I usually don’t make it that far down the page to even click anything.

What’s your Asian comfort food?

Toss up between pho and dol sot bibbimpop , extra spicy. OOO! actually haemul pajeon is the one food that always puts me in a happy place as long as its made right. It can’t be too soggy or too dry.

Anything else you want to add?

I hope that this site and more sites that cater to Asians Americans can remember that when it comes to mixed race Asians, we are all not Bananas or Coconuts, but can come in all colors, shapes, sizes and religions. Growing up I felt I was forced to shun any parts of an Asian American identity because I was not “Asian enough.” I’m happy to be a Black Asian American, hopefully all those secret Asians out there will be accepted into the fold one day and accept themselves as well.

This week I added a forum for my site were Blasians can talk about their experiences and support each other.

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