Do Blood Types Dictate Personality Traits?

By M. Wei

I was inspired by Koji’s recent article “Are Asians the Smartest Race?” to do some digging up of my own on the causes of stereotypes. Unless you have no FOBs in your family or a token “Asian Asian” friend who takes karaoke way too seriously, then you probably have heard of the phenomenon from East Asia that says blood types are the cause of personality types.

Basically, the reasoning is that your blood type defines your personality. Here’s a handy table to summarize the types:

Personality based on Blood Type

According to the trustworthy experts of Wikipedia, this is supposedly psuedo-science and warrants no merit in the Academies of the Western world. But I say that’s just institutionalized prejudice against Asians like how they claim “Chi” or “Qi” doesn’t exist (see what I mean, they can’t even transliterate it correctly).

If you are hardcore “AZN” like I am, then you know that any sort of casual statistical correlation to support your “AZN PRIDE” beliefs must be true. Isn’t it wonderful such studies were conducted and the money wasn’t wasted on trifle studies like “Boba tea and penis size statistical correlations?” So I’m going to run with it, since 2 billion Asians can’t be wrong.

In “East Asia” where mangas and K-dramas rule, blood types are serious business. Even your job and dating/marriage prospects are dictated by your blood type and mandatory on resumes and profiles. Heck, saying your opponent is type B is a good dirty elections tactic.

And if you haven’t read the above chart on personality types based on blood types, it basically says that blood type B people are spontaneous, cheerful and enthusiastic, but also selfish, irresponsible, and unreliable–your typical wild man. There’s even a Korean movie My Boyfriend is Type B that describes this personality very well. I’ve never paid much attention to blood types until it dawned on me while reading articles that Asians have the highest percentages of type B.

Now, here is the main point of this post: I suspect that I’m type B. Why is that? If you put that Korean comic about blood types and driving, it makes perfect sense! What’s that stereotype about driving while Asian? Well, now it ought to be “driving while type B” since the percentages tell us Asians are much higher type Bs, and the main causes of accidents are being distracted.

You see, this proves my point that the numbers are all there if you just search the Internet long enough.

I’m a 1.5 generation Chinese-American transplant and a Gemini Earth Sheep. Having grown on the East Coast, I realize all the stereotypes are true and am currently working as a project engineer. Yet, like all the disillusioned gamer generation of Asians, I’m also hoping to pursue artistic endeavors. This is my first 8Asians post, so be gentle yet good readers.

[Photo Courtesy of MShades]

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