8Questions with Electro Pop Group IAMMEDIC Leader Enik Lin

About a month ago, I kept getting pinged by people sending me links to the video of California-based electronic pop band IAMMEDIC jumping around in Star Trek uniforms. I’m a sucker for a Starfleet uniform, so I got in touch with IAMMEDIC’s starship captain leader, Enik Lin, and it turns out these guys aren’t even Trekkies! So who are these guys who they call their fans “Paramedics,” anyway? Read on for more about IAMMEDIC, Enik’s guilty pleasure, and of course, his Asian comfort food!

Who are you guys? How did you form your group?

We’re IAMMEDIC! IAMMEDIC or IAM for short is Andre Harris, Danny Park, Dj Yup and myself (Enik Lin). Andre and I use to be in a rock band called Burning Tree Project on East West/Warner. Towards the end of our bands career, I started IAMMEDIC as a side project in order to have an musical outlet for my other creative ideas. Alone, I released an EP called The Tale of Abigale Withers. It was nothing serious and I never planned to really take it anywhere. After some really hard times in my life during that time, I ended up spending about 20hrs out of each day just writing new songs as a healing process. It became such a necessity in my life in order for me to remain sane that I quit my job and spent all my time on it. When it came decision time to decide what I was going to do with my life and my future, I decided to take it full time and that’s when I brought in my two best friends Danny and Andre. During one of our shows with Kpop star Brian Joo, we met with Dj Yup and we instantly made a connection. He joined our lineup and the rest is history…or at least in the making of it.

Tell us about IAMMEDIC.

How would you describe your music? We’re an electro pop group. We write music that makes us move.

How did your first EP, The Tale of Abigale Withers go from an idea to reality?

Like I mentioned earlier, The Tale of Abigale Withers was just a solo project that I did in my living room. There was really nothing to it. I’ve never been too good at expressing myself through anything other than music. That EP was just my platform for venting current situations that were unfolding in my life. It was something that I had to do alone.

Is your LP Perfect really perfect? How is it different from your previous work?

Hahaha, actually quite the opposite. We named our LP Perfect after the single on it which is called “Perfect.” That song is about a past relationship and when I say “Because we’re so Fuckin Perfect,” I’m actually being extremely sarcastic. What I’m trying to say is that “our relationship and we as individuals are a complete and utter mess.” It worked out well naming the album Perfect because that’s concept is really how we view our own lives. We’re a big mess inside.

I’m diggin your video for “SPACESHIP.” I love the Star Trek motif, but who would win in a death match: Sulu or Spock?

Lol, none of us are Trekkies. We were just having fun with the video. The song itself is just a fun tune and we wanted to show our goofy sides in the video. But i’m gonna put my money on Spock.

What’s your guilty pleasure?


What’s your Asian comfort food?

Spicy Beef Noodle Soup!

Any parting words for our 8Asians readers? How can we keep track of what you’re up to?

We want to thank our fans, our Paramedics!!! Without you guys we would be unheard and nothing. Thank you for allowing us to share our minds and art with you. We love you guys so much that there are no words that can fully express how we feel. For the most up to date news on us, please “Like” us on Facebook. Follow us on twitter @IAMMEDIC and subscribe to our Youtube channel.

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