Another Virginia Tech Shooting; Alleged Suspect is Not Asian

It seems like a terrible case of déjà vu but the breaking news out of Virginia Tech is that an intense search is underway for a gunman (described as a “white male wearing gray sweat pants, a gray hat with a neon green brim, a maroon hoodie and backpack”) who shot and killed two people — a campus police officer and a student. Authorities have ordered students and staff to stay indoors and secure themselves until the shooter is found. 8Asians isn’t a breaking a news site, and ordinarily we don’t post about things when they aren’t about Asians, but we still remember the day of the Virginia Tech massacre when the news broke of a gunman– described as an Asian male and re-reading the original post and comments is a reminder of what a gut-wrenching day April 16, 2007 was for our readers. [h/t: John]

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