Hard Boiled Egg Mold for Bento Decoration

Bento boxes are a great way to “fun-up” mealtime. These cute little Hard Boiled Egg Molds ($2.80) by Kotobuki form and imprint hard boiled eggs into shapes like bunnies, bears, fishys, or “zoom zooms “ (aka “cars” for those of you who lost your imagination).

The colorful apparatus looks similar to the Playdough molds, it’s colorful and plastic with a hinge.  The process is simple. Boil an egg, then peel off the shell while it is still warm and put it into the form and close. Place it in the fridge to cool and PRESTO you have an edible figure ready for your matching bento box and chopstick set.

It’s so easy even a caveman can do it! At less than $3 it’s a fun little kitchen gadget to add to your collection.

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