Jin Akanishi’s Japonicana Album and US Debut

Jin Akanishi’s US debut album Japonicana releases today (March 6th) on iTunes US and in stores everywhere. If the ticket sales for his Japonicana Tour were anything like his Yellow Gold Tour, chances are they would be hard to get.

On the day I was to have telephone interview with Jin in Los Angeles (I’m in Toronto), President Obama had clogged up the traffic to the studio, thus delaying our interview for almost an hour. And despite him only having 30 minutes before his next schedule, he was nice enough to squeeze a small chat with me in where I congratulated him on his recent marriage to Meisa Kuroki and asked a couple of questions about his US debut.

Describe your album, Japonicana.

Japonicana…It’s Japan and America and Latin…They use “ah” sound for female and “oh” sound for male—The album is a girl … It has all different types of music…Most of the songs are dancey kind of poppy music…There are no ballads, but I have R&B …I have 3 songs written by Stereotypes (producer)…And half the album I wrote.

What challenges did you anticipated/ expect going from one market (Japan) to another (US)? Where there any that were unexpected?

I just kept an open mind and didn’t expect anything. When I was a kid, my mom loves American music and she played music everyday. I grew up with it. She loves Diana King and listened to all the hits, Top 40s. I don’t really remember (other artists) because I was little. America shared it’s music with me. And now I want to share my music with America.

Thoughts on other Asian artists making their US debuts.

Girls Generation? The Korean group? They’re doing good. I never heard of their songs, but I heard they’re doing good. I’m happy for other Asians who are doing well in America.

What can we look forward to in your concerts?

A lot of dancing … good energy … drink alcohol. *Laughs*

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