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“K-Town”, the Korean West Coast produced-by-Tyrese version of “Jersey Shore” has arrived… on YouTube where, at this writing, the first episode has clocked a little under 13,000 views. Which isn’t too bad considering how little happened in this premiere. But maybe not so great since we (read: me) have been waiting for this show to air since frickin’ 2010.

We meet Jasmine, Scarlet and Violet as they make their way to a spa to gossip about Violet’s love life and get what looks like totally awesome massages. Then we work out with Joe, Steve and Young as they pound a punching bag and exercise seemingly without messing up their hair. Nobody gets into any fights or acquires a venereal disease, but then the day is still young.

The night brings them to Beer Belly, where they toast Young’s recent engagement to his girlfriend in Seoul, So Young. Yes, Young tries to make an observation about that coincidence and kinda blows it. More toasting commences, and then the last male of the group (and Violet’s ex!) Jowe, the “Prince of K-Town”, joins them. Violet looks less than thrilled, first when Jowe takes the seat next to her, then when he tells the group he’s not currently seeing anyone, and lastly when the two of them hang back while the rest of the group moves on to another bar where, one hopes, they start doing something entertaining (read: binge drinking).

Scarlet says that in K-Town (the neighborhood, not the show), you have to know the right people. I’m not sure if she’s talking about the rest of the cast, but if she’s not, then why the hell aren’t we watching a show about those people instead? The group walks into a non-descript building, through a somewhat dingy looking lobby, and into a dim elevator. All the while Scarlet expresses her doubt about where the night is going. Her doubt, of course, disappears when the elevator doors open onto a Korean bar with lights, music, and all sorts of drinks. Yay drinks! Surely we’ll see some shenanigans! We will, but not until episode 2 (boo!).

Stray thoughts/questions:

  • This episode left me more excited about Koreatown than anything else, so I’m definitely looking forward to my next visit to LA.
  • I get the “Jersey Shore” comparisons but this episode reminded me more of “The Hills” (which I totally loved).
  • I’m hoping to hear some swearing in Korean if folks start brawling.
  • Seriously, I think I would look awesome with blonde hair, y’all.
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