The Most Notorious Asians American Murderers

I’ve been meaning to write a post about the most embarrassing Asian Americans in history for a long time. But before I started writing it, I wanted to see if anyone in the world wide Internet had written anything similar. And of course, someone has. Well, kinda. K. Thor Jenson in 2011 wrote an article for called, “Ribbons of Shame:  The Most Embarrassing Asians.”

Here is a quick rundown of his list:

#11: Kenneth Eng
#10: Tila Tequila
#9: Kim Jong-ll
#8: M. Night Shyamalan
#7: William Hung
#6: Amy Chua
#5: John Yoo
#4: Bai Ling
#3: Dat Phan
#2: Kari Ferrell
#1: Kishidan

Thor’s list is interesting. Not sure I quite agree. For example, is Dat Phan really more embarrassing than Kenneth Eng, the self-described Asian supremacist? I’m not super familiar with Dat and his comedy routine but I’m pretty sure I’d may more horrified by Kenneth than anything Dat could say.

My list looks very different. When I think of Asian Americans that make me cringe, I think of people who have done really horrible stuff. Not just kinda bad. REALLY BAD. And when I think of the worst things people can do, I think about murderers. That’s why my list of the top five most embarrassing Asian American are all people who have murdered. So without further ado, here are my top 5 Asian Americans  that give Asian Americans a bad name (also known as the most notorious Asian American murderers):

Wayne Lo
Lo murdered one student and one faculty at Simon’s Rock College of Bard in the early 1990s.



Andrew Cunanan
Cunanan murdered at least five people in 1997 – his most notable victim was Gianni Versace.


Gang Lu
Lu murdered four faculty and one student at the University of Iowa in the early 1990s.


Charles Ng
Ng and his serial killer partner raped, tortured, and murdered somewhere between 11-23 people in Northern California in the late 1970s.


Seung-Hui Cho
Cho murdered 32 people and wounded an additional 23 others at Virgina Tech

Did I forget someone? Leave a comment and let me know.

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