Michelle Kwan Now a Senior Adviser at The State Department

The last I had heard of Michelle Kwan, she had gotten engaged. Although Kwan did move to Washington, D.C. over 1.5 years ago after graduating from Tufts University with a graduate degree in at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. I read recently that she’s now a Senior adviser for public diplomacy and public affairs:

“In 2007, the State Department tapped her starpower by naming her a public-diplomacy envoy; other unpaid but high-profile roles followed with State’s council to promote women’s sports worldwide and the White House advisory panel on fitness. … We caught up with Kwan, 32, after she spoke during a Washington Post Live conference on women and leadership Wednesday. Does she see herself with State for the long haul? You never know in politics, she said, but “I’m very goal-oriented. I do see myself doing something in public service.” Not foreign service work, though. “I like living in the United States too much,” she said.”

At the conference, she also mentioned – when asked – that she hasn’t set a date for her wedding, but some time next year in Rhode Island, where her fiance is from and where she got engaged.

Personally, I think it would be fantastic to have such a high profile and accomplished Asian American like Kwan to run for public office in the future, after she’s built a nice career of public service at the State Department / Washington, D.C.

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