PSY Releases Follow-up Track: ‘Gentleman’

For those wanting to turn a blind eye to PSY’s latest release Gentleman may be pleasantly surprised to know that it would be worth at least the 5 minutes for the music video.

There are a lot of the same silly “Dress Classy, Dance Cheesy” schtick found throughout the video including the various cameo returns of Yellow-suit guy (Yoo JaeSuk) and Elevator humping guy (Noh Hongchul). Gone is Hyuna, replaced with a far more formidable GaIn from Brown-Eyed Girls and their saucy 2010 mega-hit Abracadabra hip dance in lieu of the horse dance. (In terms of Kpop culture and if you have 5 more minutes to spare, watching Brown-Eyed Girls’ Abracadabra music video is definitely a must see – just not for little kiddies. It’s a wee mature for them. Also, Brown Eyed Girls can actually sing.)

The beat is catchy and while it certainly follows Gangnam Style‘s song structure, it’s far less epic sounding. I kinda like it. As a jaded fan of Kpop having only watched Gangnam Style about 4 times, Gentleman offers a relic fan such as myself a nostalgic look back at what made me become a fan in the first place. It’s a bit recycled, you kinda saw it before, but you enjoy its clever litter of in-jokes and pop culture motifs.

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