Anime Review: Hajime no Ippo

Umm, warning, this video is a super spoiler. Anyways, this summer, I was introduced to an old school style anime called Hajime no Ippo. It’s about a kid named Ippo who was always bullied happening upon the sport of boxing, and it changes his entire life. It’s very Rocky Balboa, so if you’re a Rocky fan like I am, I guarantee you’ll LOVE this anime.

Of course, there’s the really exciting high intensity boxing matches that structure the narrative as Ippo (his name literally means “one step”) gets stronger fight after fight. But that’s not all that makes the anime awesome. The characters are hilariously hyperbolic yet very relatable, and everyone’s got a story, every one develops in unexpected ways. You’ll find yourself rooting for all of them.

The first season aired in 2000, the second in 2009, and finally, in this fall of 2013, the third season Hajime No Ippo: The Fighting! is being released on Cruchyroll, one painful episode at a time. After getting hooked on Ippo, you might find yourself at the local boxing gym soon after. It’s that inspiring.

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