Xiao Wang Sings Opera on ‘Holland’s Got Talent,’ Endures Disrespectful Chinese Jokes From Judges


Says an anonymous 8Asians tipster:

Video of Chinese Contestant on Holland’s Got Talent. The guy sings opera very well, but is continually disrespected by one of the judges.

8A-2013-11-22-HollandsGotRacistJudgesBy my count, there were actually two judges making various inappropriate jokes and comments, with the judge on the left (American choreographer Dan Karaty) mortified by the comments of his compatriots. I don’t know any Dutch jokes, otherwise, I’d make one right now.

Evidently, “Holland’s Got Talent” judge Cornelis Willem Heuckeroth, who goes by the nickname Gordon, couldn’t help but to make several Chinese jokes during Xiao Wang’s audition.

When Wang said he was going to sing La donna è mobile from Verdi’s Rigoletto, Gordon responded with, “Which (Verdi) number are you singing, number 39 with rice?”

After Wang’s performance, for which he received a standing ovation, Gordon giggled while saying, “Honestly, this is the best Chinese I’ve had in weeks, and it’s not a takeaway.”

The judge continued on his racist rampage after the reality show hopeful left the stage, turning to the audience and saying in Dutch, “he looks like a waiter from a Chinese restaurant.”

Dan Karaty, who is an American judge on the show, was clearly shocked by Gordon’s comments, telling him, “You’re really not supposed to say things like that to people.” [full story]

The female judge, Dutch actress Chantal Janzen, doesn’t get off scot free here. It could be said that she started off the condescension when she asked Xiao Wang his name and after he responds, she quips, “Aw, that’s ok.”

I’m not sure if Xiao understood everything that was happening, but to his credit, he laughs everything off.

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