Prodigy MMA Fighter: Mizuki Inoue

As I’ve been devouring all the Invicta FC fight videos I can find, one particular fighter from Japan has really caught my eye. Mizuki Inoue is fresh out of high school, and yet she’s touted as one of the most skillful strikers out there, a real stand-up prodigy. Watching this fight above between Inoue and Bec Hyatt at Invicta FC 6 will show you just why she is so impressive, and not just for her young age. She bobs and weaves and strikes while dancing around her opponent with some gorgeous footwork, in some ways strikingly reminiscent of some of Mike Tyson’s moves, pun intended.

Having started MMA when she was in 6th grade, her young age and combat arts technical genius is simply exciting because of how far she can go with a long and prosperous road before her. She’s adorably deadly already, and I just can’t contain my excitement wondering what kind of athlete fighter she’ll be in five years, in ten years. I hope we see her again soon this year in one of Invicta FC’s six events. I’m looking forward to seeing some more of her sharp moves!

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