Traveling Taiwan: Flight (Part 2 of 24)

The old adage that half the fun is getting there couldn’t be more true. When we booked the flight with the popular Taiwanese airline EVA Air, we didn’t think the one we got was going to be one of the airline’s Hello Kitty flights. It wasn’t indicated as such on our reservation, although when we got our luggage checked in and our boarding passes, it got our hopes up.

We watched with unexpected delight when our plane rolled in like so. Everyone in the waiting area got up to take pictures.


When we walked in, there were rows upon rows of Hello Kitty themed seats.

Hello Kitty Seats

I was especially jealous of the business and first class passengers.


Even the pillows and blankets had Hello Kitty and all her friends peeping up at passengers.

In the in flight shopping magazines were tons of Hello Kitty themed items, from snacks to lunch boxes to small models of the EVA Air Hello Kitty planes. When meals were served, not a single item escaped the Hello Kitty trademark.

Hello Kitty Spoon



The airline bathroom also had adorable Hello Kitty toiletries.

Hello Kitty Toilet

And yes, if you get sick, you can even puke into a Hello Kitty baggy.

Hello Kitty Baggy

I admit, this post was more indulgent than informative, but for Hello Kitty fans, this is a smashing way to start off an adventure.

Next up, something more practical but not necessarily less indulgent, public transportation in Taiwan.

Public Transportation Taiwan

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