A Parody from Disney’s Frozen: Do You Want To Be My Boyfriend

When Disney’s Frozen came out last fall, I was kind of aware of the animated movie and had heard, but wasn’t really aware of how popular it has become, and has in fact, become the highest grossing animated film in history. I became more interested in the film when my niece started to become really interested in singing from Frozen the Oscar winning song, Let It Go.

So when an old college friend posted this parody of another song from the movie, a spoof of Let’s Build a Snowman as Do You Want to be My Boyfriend?, I had to take a look. I loved the parody, because it not only parodies the song, but Disney’s vision of a stereotypical “love at first sight” of a princess being ‘saved’ by a Prince Charming.

Sarah Nguyen does a fantastic job of performing (and I’m assuming singing the parody) in the video. I’ve never come across or heard of BarkadaInc, the folks who produced and uploaded the video onto YouTube, but I’m looking forward to seeing more from them. From their YouTube channel, they’ve described themselves as:

“Bar / kah / Dah, loosely translated from Tagalog simply means, “group of friends” and in many ways it also resembles a closeness of people similar to that of family.

While the group has undergone several name changes (i.e. Puff Daddy, or is it P. Diddy?), such as Remix101 and FlipSide Krew, the motivation remains constant: To Entertain.

The group developed with core members being bored High School sophomores armed with a camera, imagination, and an instinctual drive to entertain.

Flash forward years later, BARKADA’s members have increased not only to include the Originals, but also their loyal viewers, who, through a similar tastes in visual appetite are now part of a community who share ideas, laughter, tears and the same adventurous spirit.”

This parody definitely has put them on the map!


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