8Links: Asian-American studies, Asians on television, and “The Filipino Assassin”


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″The idea of an Asian in the news for being controversial and unapologetic, for having strong opinions… Asians are supposed to work hard and do well but not to make waves. Not to create controversy. When you’re raised to think that’s not your place, to me, it’s important to make that space. It’s okay to be loud and rude and opinionated as an Asian. It’s a good thing.″ Arthur Chu is “The Ombudsnerd”. [The Awl]

Students at Dartmouth College are pushing for an Asian-American Studies program. [The Dartmouth]

Criticism and debate have been triggered by a kiss between two women characters on the Korean television show “Seonam Girls High School Investigators”, the first of its kind for the country. [Yahoo! News]

Philippe Nover: Nurse by day, MMA fighter “The Filipino Assassin” by night. [Feet in 2 Worlds]

″But simply watching people of color having a private conversation, one that’s not primarily about white people, is a huge deal. It changes who the joke is on.″ The New Yorker’s Emily Nussbaum talks “Fresh Off the Boat”. [The New Yorker]



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