8Questions with Stephen Fung of “Into The Badlands”

Stephen Fung at Comicon for Into The Badlands.

Born in Hong Kong and graduate of the University of Michigan, Stephen Fung is a successful actor, director, and producer. He’s worked with Jackie Chan, Yuen Wo-ping (Matrix/Kill Bill), and Stephen Chow on a number of major cinematic successes in Asia and abroad. Fung is on of the executive producers of AMC’s new martial arts series Into The Badlands.

1. What is your favorite martial art?

I’m not really a practicing Martial Artist so I don’t have one, but in terms of looking good on screen, I would say Chinese Wushu.

2. Who is your favorite martial artist?

Bruce Lee

3. How did the Into The Badlands project come together?

It came together because AMC wanted to do a Martial Arts series, and one of our executive producers Stacey Sher lined us up for this project.

4. What is the best martial arts film of all time?

Impossible to choose one.

5. Who is your greatest inspiration?

In terms for directing action/drama, I would say John Woo because “A Better Tomorrow” is the film that made me want to be in the film business.

6. How do you think Into The Badlands will affect the stereotypes about Asians and martial arts?

I don’t see associating Martial Arts with Asians as anything negative. It’s like associating African American to the Blues or Basketball. It’s Cool! Everyone to an extent loves watching Kung Fu (look how well Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon or The Matrix did world wide), and Daniel Wu is good looking, charismatic, and all American.

7. What advice would you give to aspiring producers?

Be patient.

8. What is your favorite Asian comfort food?

There is one particular Japanese brand of Potato Chips that I love.

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