Documentary ‘Love Boat: Taiwan’ Now Available for Streaming – Rent or Buy!

As I had mentioned back in April 2019, the documentary Love Boat: Taiwan, was premiering at several film festival in May 2019 in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Taipei. It is finally available via streaming online on Vimeo – either for rent ($5.99 / 72 streaming period) or purchase ($19.99 – Stream anytime, Download DRM-free SD, HD, and mobile files) here:

If you forgot what the “Love Boat” is about, here’s a quick synopsis:

LOVE BOAT: TAIWAN looks at the Overseas Compatriot Youth Study Tour to Taiwan, exploring the history and popularity of this well-known program, which is sponsored by the Taiwanese government and which takes place every summer in Taiwan. Despite its high-minded aspirations that include classes in Mandarin-language study, martial arts, and brush painting, the program’s popularity stems from another source: its reputation as an excellent place for college-aged Taiwanese Americans to hook up and find romance. Because of this, although it does not take on a ship, the program is more commonly known by its romantic nickname – the Taiwan Love Boat.

Since the 1960s the Love Boat has served three purposes: as a political tool for the Taiwanese government, as a place for young Taiwanese Americans to find romance, and as a means for Taiwanese American parents to insure the preservation of their bloodlines. Although officially described as a cultural program, the Love Boat is also a site for romance, friendship, and personal relationships that transcend national borders. By exploring the Love Boat’s significant relationships, LOVE BOAT: TAIWAN explores the way that the Love Boat gives its participants a taste of global politics on an intimate scale.

As a producer (one of many – I’m also in the documentary very, very briefly), I am happy to announce that the whole world can access this documentary via streaming and not just through the film festival circuit.

I had the joy of seeing the documentary myself at the San Francisco premiere at CAAMFest37 back in May of 2019 and participated in the Q&A after the screening. Please let anyone you know who had attended the Love Boat (or is interested about the program) about its availability for streaming!

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