TargetSmart: Asian American Voter Registration Trends in 2022

Chart of new AAPI registration in 2022 vs 2022 showing fewer Republican registrations

New AAPI Registrants: 2020 vs 2022 (photo credit: Tom Bonier)

I forget when I first started following Tom Bonier of TargetSmart (“a Democratic political data and data services firm”), but he had recently tweeted out some interesting Asian American voter registration stats:

From the most recent blog post on the 2022 AAPI Voter Survey, I had noted that Asian Americans 44% Democratic, 19% Republican and 29% Independent. If you don’t know what the Dobbs decision is, it is was the Supreme Court case ruling in June overturning of Roe v. Wade, which had allowed the legal right to an abortion nationally (as opposed to individual states deciding)

I imagine since Dobbs, more Asian American women have registered and have registered as Democrats or Unaffiliated as opposed to Republican. I know from following Bonier on Twitter that voter registration is trending to be more female, younger, and more Democratic. It’ll be interesting to see ultimately how this affects races and ballot measures (such as in Michigan’s abortion rights ballot measure) in November. 


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