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We in America are obsessed with the biggest. The Biggest Loser. The biggest thermometer. The biggest hamburger. Even on 8Asians, things aren’t that different. The most popular article I’ve ever written was about Asian men and penis size. Specifically, I addressed the common (mis)perception that Asian men have the smallest penises of all the races.

I think this topic has been discussed to death, but just so we’re clear, there is NO relation between penis size and race.

But what about women? Which race has the biggest or smallest vagina?

This was a lot tougher of a question than I originally thought. If you believe porn sites, Yahoo Answers, or countless bulletin boards, African American women have the biggest vaginas and Asian women have the smallest (and most desirable) vaginas.

However, you should NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER believe anything you read on porn sites, Yahoo Answers, or bulletin boards.

In reality, like penis size, there is NO relation between race and vaginal dimensions. Although vaginal anatomy has been poorly studied, most seem to agree that the average vagina measures 62.7 mm. This is not to say that all vaginas are the same. According to this 2007 study, they found “that the kinds of microbes found in the vaginas of Caucasian women and Black women were very different.”

Why do so many people believe that there is a correlation between race and vaginal size? The belief that Asian women have small vaginas is based on the stereotypes associated with Asian women: they are small and petite and therefore their vaginas are small and petite. What most interests me about this subject is that both Asian men and women are victims of stereotypes and yet, the perception of those stereotypes is totally different. In one case, it is seen as desirable (Asian American women) and in the other it is not (Asian American men).

So do Asian/Asian American women have the smallest vaginas? No.  Not all Asian women have small vaginas and not all African American women have big vaginas. Just as there are all kinds of shapes and sizes of women, there are all kinds of vaginal sizes. The important thing here is that we are all different and unique. To think that we are all the same is not just ignorant and racist but wrong.

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