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A variation of this piece was originally written for AsiansOnYouTube and has been reposted here with permission.

By AsiansOnYouTube

Here is proof that Asian YouTubers don’t just post cover songs, comedy skits, vlogs, etc.

5. Home Chest & Back Workout by sixpackshortcuts

A super buff Asian guy teaching other people how to get ripped? Talk about breaking stereotypes!

4. HD Starcraft 2 Nazgul v TheLittleOne g2 p1/4 by HDstarcraft

What do you get when you combine Starcraft and live ESPN-style commentary? You get Starcraft game casting! And HD is one of the most viewed casters on the interwebs.

3. Asian Penis Pickup – Get Her Number! by SimplePickup


As if dropping cheesy pick-up lines to try and get a girl’s phone number was not hard enough, what if you had to mention certain words or phrases in your lines? This is what the guys at SimplePickup attempt to do and the results are highly entertaining!

2. Khan Academy on the Gates Notes by khanacademy

This Bangladeshi-American ex-Hedge Fudge analyst creates innovative educational videos on YouTube and has received funding and support from Google and Bill Gates.

1. WORLD STAGE RACING at ROLEX 24 – Part 1 of 3 – [HD] Documentary 2011 by BrianWongMotorsports

Brian Wong is a Chinese-American race car driver. RACE CAR DRIVER! What else do I need to say? SUPPORT THIS GUY!!!

Honorable Mentions

Nikon D3S vs. Canon EOS 1D Mark IV – Which one’s better? by DigitalRevCom

A Hong Konger, with a made for the BBC accent, makes beautifully shot videos all about cameras and camera gear.


Need to commission a song for $50 about ANY topic you can think of? Then Andrew’s your man!

Crazy Asian Guy Dancing In Public (Sexy Dragon) by SexyDragonProduction

Strip. Dance. Repeat. This guy has balls, but he could use dancing lessons and personal training sessions.

Drive-Thru Fire Wallet by MagicofRahat by MagicofRahat

He’s the South Asian David Blaine!

Master Le Cosplay Iron Man 2 MKVI and War Machine fight scene spoof by anthonyle247

Looking to buy an Iron Man costume with an automated removable face plate and light up chest and eyes (Tony Stark moustache not included), then check out Anthony Le’s channel!

ABOUT ASIANSONYOUTUBE: I LOVE watching Asians on YouTube.

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