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    film fests are good place to reconnect w/ friends. thats how i see them. like conventions lol

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    Regarding points three and four,

    3. For me, political correctness involves silencing discussion such that only one point of view is deemed acceptable. Telling someone how you like being referred to is not political correctness. Saying that you can’t oppose affirmative action, or else you’re a racist, is political correctness.

    4. Race does matter. But it shouldn’t matter. That’s how I see it. I don’t deny that racism exists; I don’t cover my eyes and pretend it doesn’t exist. But at the same time, I don’t hold the absurd point of view that in the U.S., only whites can be racist; non-whites don’t have “power” and thus cannot be racist.

    To me, such a view ironically promotes white supremacy, as it implicitly maintains that whites are dominant in the U.S. Is that the case (for now, at least)? Possibly. Should that be the case? That’s a value judgment, but if your judgment is “no, Americans regardless of race should be dominant,” then why would you implicitly maintain that whites are dominant?

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