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8A-2014-01-12-ForTheLoveOfUnicornsWHO: Erin O’Brien (Director) & Alice Y. Hom (Producer)

WHAT: Kickstarter project: For The Love Of Unicorns

Kylan, a young Asian American girl, believes in unicorns. The carnival is coming to town and claims to have a real live unicorn. Kylan and her mom are entertained by the spectacle of the carnival and eagerly await the magic, but what happens next is a testament the power of hope and community.

At the heart, this a short film about queer utopia, Asian/American utopia, and mixed race utopia. The young girl, Kylan, represents the hope that when we speak out and organize, one day, we can live in a queer utopian world where, even though everyone’s unicorn may look different, they can all dance together under a glittery rainbow.

WHEN: Deadline to contribute is Saturday, February 1, 2014 (9:03pm EST).


We love unicorns. Love them. Unicorns are awesome.

We want to offer that sprit of hope and optimism of unicorns through this little dream of a short film. For the Love of Unicorns is a film about believing in believing.

We need your help to realize this dream and we are asking you to support the film through this kickstarter. Your donation will help us pay for production and post-production costs – location, food for our talent and crew, editing, and animation. You are supporting a cast and crew of Asian Americans, mixed race people, queer people and people of color ( and a queer, mixed race, Asian American woman of color director) who are all working to make this dream come true.

We are in pre-production now, getting set to shoot in February, and the film will premiere May 4th, 2014 at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival!

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