‘Into The Badlands’ Episode Review: “Fist Like a Bullet”


The Widow

Into The Badlands, Season 1, Episode 2: “Fist Like A Bullet”
Original airdate November 22, 2015.


An attempt on the life of The Widow (Emily Beeckman) reveals struggles for power between the Barons. After escaping from Baron Quinn’s (Marton Csokas) fortress, the mysterious M.K. (Aramis Knight) finds himself in The Widow’s territory. He meets Tilda (Ally Ioannides), one of The Widow’s top warriors, and they become friends. The Widow suspects M.K. could be the one with mysterious abilities the she’d been seeking, so she orders Tilda to attack and draw blood from M.K. However, Tilda only pretends to attack M.K., and The Widow gives him to a nomad group she has been working with.

Meanwhile, Sunny (Daniel Wu) finds out his Baron Quinn is dying, and Quinn orders him to slaughter his personal doctor, who also happens to be the adoptive parents of Sunny’s pregnant lover Veil (Madeleine Mantock). Sunny refuses, and Quinn carries out the killings himself, and this tragedy convinces Sunny to finally decide to try to leave the Badlands with Veil. In a showdown between Sunny and some some nomad bandits who have stolen some of Quinn’s opium, M.K. saves Sunny by killing the nomad leader. Sunny decides to take M.K. as his apprentice to train him how to fight.

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Am I Anorexic? Asian Girl Body Issues

A few months ago, a student from Yale University, Frances Chan, blogged in the Huffington Post about her horrific experience with Yale–she was 5’ 2” and about 90 lbs, and they designated her an “eating disorder” case and began to force her to gain weight. The problem was, Chan didn’t have an eating disorder, her body was just the way it was, but their use of the broad (and widely considered inaccurate) BMI measurements labeled her an anorexic that needed saving.

When I read this news, I realized this was the tragedy that would happen should I ever become dictator of the world (or at least master of all media content). I grew up idolizing Sarah Connor from the Terminator movies, and my idea of feminine beauty is this, one of my fighter athlete idols Cris Cyborg:

Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos vs. Marloes Coenen
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My view of feminine beauty of course is not something everyone can live up to, not even me. Cyborg is probably two or more weight classes above what I would probably be with a fight-ready body, and I don’t have her long arm reach, good for ground-and-pound from any angle. But a girl can try to live out her dream, can’t she?
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UFC’s First Asian American Female Fighter: Shayna Baszler

Cristiane Santos (right) and  Shayna Baszler
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I had thought I had carefully read through all the big name female MMA fighter athlete bios searching for anyone of Asian heritage, and I started to scour through the up-and-coming ones when I couldn’t find any more. But to my delight, it was brought to my attention by one of our readers that there is in fact a major female MMA fighter of Chinese heritage that I had totally missed–Shayna Baszler.

One of the reasons I was delighted was because I had seen Baszler fight before, and I actually really like her fighting style. For someone who’s made a name for herself on wrestling skills aside from MMA, she’s got some crazy counter punches! In the fight above with that beast of an athlete Cris Cyborg, who is a whole weight class above Baszler’s regular bantamweight opponents, Baszler is the embodiment of tenacious. Further, Baszler is not just another female fighter–she is one of the pioneers. Up there with Gina Carano and Julie Kedzie, Baszler has been fighting since 2001, well before Women’s MMA was even a blip on people’s radars. Add on top of that, she is the first Asian American female UFC fighter and the first Asian American female fighter on TUF, I’m surprised her nickname isn’t “Trailblazer” instead of “Queen of Spades”. Fight on indeed.

Baszler will be fighting in UFC 176 in Staples Center, Los Angeles, California on August 2nd!