Yul Kwon and the Asian American Donor Program

Yul Kwon turned 32 on Valentine’s Day and apparently donated “$50,000 of his cash from winning “Survivor: The Cook Islands” to the Asian American Donor Program, in the hopes the money will help educate Asian-Americans about the importance of bone marrow donation.” according to this San Francisco Examiner article.

As you have probably already read, Yul’s high school friend and Stanford college roommate died of leukemia because he didn’t get a bone marrow donation in time. I donated blood to the Asian American Donor Program many, many years ago because a college friend of mine’s cousin was in dire need of a bone marrow donation. Fortunately, he did get a bone marrow transplant and survived.

However, I know that a work colleague of mines son died of leukemia because his son wasn’t able to get one. A bone marrow match is especially difficult if you are bi-racial apparently (his son was half-Asian, half-Caucasian).

So get yourself into the registry – you could literally save a life!

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