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What’s a Pinay to do when she really, really loves something? Write a song and sing about it.

logo.gifThat’s exactly what Christine of did. And whoa boy, does she love that Mac. Watching her with that G5 almost makes me blush. I wonder if the Apple Store employees had to wash it down afterwards. (Word has it this video has even been circulated within Apple’s headquarters.)

Cute, spunky, and hilarious, Christine’s been gaining an audience on YouTube and MySpace. She says she’s not after a career in Hollywood, even though she’s tried auditioning for a few commercials in the past.

What are you tryin’ to do with these HappySlip videos? I’m tryin’ ta have fun, that’s what I’m tryin’ ta do. This is what whole HappySlip thing was born out of, was… (brushes hair back) aaack! Hair in my eye! Hair… in… my… eye…

Since October 2006, she’s created about fifteen videos. Many spoof the Filipino culture and her relationship with her parents (she does a great filipino accent). Lately, she’s been filming a heart-wrenchingly hilarious soap opera with evil twin sisters, drugged apple juice, a Spanish-speaking teenage heartthrob with three kids, and… a horse.

She’s even been able to recruit her parents into a few videos. Her Mom sometimes holds the camera and, uh, massages her feet… See what I mean by hillarity?

Impressively, she scripts, directs, and edits all of these videos herself. She’s a one-pinay production team. And all, of course, on her Mac.

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